Andalo is an attractive mountain village that offers a wide range of outdoor activities for visitors. Located 1,040 meters above sea level, this charming alpine resort is ideal for a relaxing break, surrounded by the majestic Brenta Dolomites and the lush pine forests found on Mount Paganella.

Andalo is one of the leading tourist resorts in Trentino, thanks to its many activities available throughout the year. Offering ideal conditions for both summer and winter sports, this mountain village meets the needs of those seeking adventure and relaxation in a breathtaking natural setting.


During the winter months, visitors can enjoy skiing and snowboarding in the Paganella ski area, which boasts well-maintained slopes and modern chairlifts. In addition, the area offers opportunities for cross-country skiing, snowshoeing and ice skating, ensuring an active and enjoyable winter vacation.

The summer season in Andalo is characterized by pleasant temperatures and beautiful scenery, creating the perfect environment for outdoor activities such as hiking, mountain biking, and horseback riding. The Adamello-Brenta Nature Park, the largest protected area in Trentino, covers 620 square kilometers of pure beauty and offers breathtaking scenery for exploring the surrounding valleys and mountain ranges.

Andalo is a charming mountain village that cannot be missed on the list of must-see destinations in Trentino. With its striking natural scenery, exciting outdoor activities and culinary delights, Andalo promises an unforgettable experience for visitors of all ages. So why not pack your bags and venture into this alpine paradise?

What to see in Andalo

Andalo is a true paradise for nature lovers. Located in the heart of Trentino, between the majestic Brenta Dolomites and Mount Paganella, this charming alpine resort offers a truly extraordinary variety of natural landscapes. Here are some of the main natural beauties of Andalo and its surroundings:

The Adamello-Brenta Nature Park


Andalo lies at the gateway to the Adamello-Brenta Nature Park, the largest protected area in Trentino. The park is famous for its spectacular Dolomite peaks, stunning alpine lakes, and rich wildlife that includes brown bears, deer, and marmots. With its well-marked trails and equipped picnic areas, the Adamello-Brenta Nature Park is a great place for days outdoors.

Lake Molveno

Lago di Molveno

A few kilometers away from Andalo is Lake Molveno, often referred to as “the jewel of the Dolomites.” This alpine lake is the largest in Trentino and is surrounded by lush forests and imposing mountains. Its crystal clear waters offer opportunities for swimming, boating and fishing, while its shores are a perfect place for a picnic or a relaxing stroll.

The Brenta Dolomites


Andalo is an excellent starting point for exploring the Brenta Dolomites, a mountain range in Trentino that has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

These mountains offer hiking trails of varying degrees of difficulty and breathtaking views of their jagged peaks, sheer rock faces, and verdant valleys.

Lake Andalo


Lake Andalo covers an area of about 50,000 square meters and is a popular place for locals and tourists alike. Despite its small size compared to other lakes in the region, it offers a wide range of activities and services.

During the summer, you can enjoy water sports such as canoeing, pedal boats and fishing. Around the lake, there are various trails that allow for relaxing walks surrounded by nature.

In winter, if temperatures permit, the frozen water of the lake becomes an attractive skating rink.

In recent years, the lake has been equipped with numerous recreational facilities for children, such as a playground and a tourist train, which is why it is often called “Children’s Lake.” Near the lake, there are also picnic facilities, bars, and restaurants.

Lake Tovel

Lago di Tovel

Lake Tovel is a body of water located at an altitude of 1,178 meters in the territory of the Adamello-Brenta Nature Park.

It represents a precious natural jewel of the Trentino region. With its crystal clear waters, rich surrounding vegetation and breathtaking mountains, this lake undoubtedly offers a unique experience for nature lovers.

Lake Tovel is striking not only for its beauty, but also for an extraordinary natural phenomenon: until the 1960s, during the summer, its waters took on an unusual red color. Today, this phenomenon no longer occurs, but it has helped contribute to making Lake Tovel famous throughout Italy and the rest of Europe.

Lake Tovel offers several opportunities for tourism and outdoor activities. You can go around the lake in about an hour and a half, or explore the many hiking trails in the surrounding area.

Walks in Andalo


If you love taking nature walks, Andalo, with its breathtaking views and numerous trails, will be a perfect destination for you. More than a place, it is an experience.

Andalo offers routes for everyone, from the experienced hiker to the beginner.

Val Biole Waterfall Trail

This trail will take you through the beautiful Biole Valley, a forested valley populated by numerous waterfalls. The route, not too challenging but still picturesque, is ideal for a walk or picnic in the open air.

Excursion to La Montanara Refuge

This is one of the most scenic trails in the area and is suitable for those seeking an adventurous walk. It starts in Molveno and leads to La Montanara Refuge, passing through meadows and forests. From here, you will have the most breathtaking view of the Brenta Dolomites.

Route of the Brenta Dolomites

For more experienced hikers, we suggest the Brenta Dolomites Trail. This path crosses majestic mountains, lush meadows and enchanting forests. Don’t forget to take a break and enjoy the impressive panoramic views.

Here are just some of the most beautiful walks Andalo has to offer. Whether you are an experienced hiker or just a nature lover, you are sure to find the perfect trail for you. And of course, you will never have to give up the breathtaking views.

All trails are well marked and maintained, making Andalo one of the best places in Italy to walk and enjoy nature.

Skiing in Andalo


Andalo offers a unique skiing experience in the heart of Trentino. With its many trails, spectacular scenery and modern infrastructure, Andalo exists as an ideal destination for ski and winter sports enthusiasts. Here’s everything you need to know to best enjoy a ski vacation in Andalo.

The Paganella ski area, located between 1,040 m and 2,125 m, covers an area of 50 kilometers of slopes, offering different levels of difficulty, from beginner to expert downhill. There are all kinds of trails: green for beginners, blue for intermediates, red for experts, and black for those seeking even more excitement.

The ski area is served by state-of-the-art lifts, including detachable chairlifts and fast gondolas, which provide quick and comfortable access to the slopes.

In Andalo, the fun is not limited to the ski slopes. Paganella Fun Park is the area for families and children who want to learn to ski or have fun in the snow. With snow games and areas for beginners, the park guarantees days of fun and excitement for all ages.

For those who are beginners or want to improve their technique, the Andalo Paganella Ski and Snowboard School offers lessons with experienced and enthusiastic instructors.

You can choose from individual classes, group classes and intensive internships for a personalized learning experience.

There is no need to bring all your own equipment if you wish to ski in Andalo. There are numerous ski and snowboard rental stores offering a wide selection of equipment for all ages and skill levels.

Andalo is a dream destination for ski and winter sports enthusiasts. With its extensive ski area, facilities for beginners and families, and numerous recreational options, it is a must-see destination on a ski vacation in the beautiful region of Trentino.

Andalo with children


If you are planning a family vacation, Andalo offers a surprising range of activities suitable for children of all ages. With its state-of-the-art facilities, fascinating hikes, spectacular scenery, and plenty of activities, Andalo is an ideal destination for an unforgettable vacation with your little ones.

The Paganella Fun Park

Paganella Fun Park is a true winter paradise for children. It offers a wide range of snow activities, including bobsledding on rails, inflatable games, a toboggan run and snow tubing. It is also a fantastic area to introduce your children to snow sports, with a quiet and safe area dedicated to learning to ski or snowboard.

Andalo Life Park

Andalo Life park offers a wide range of activities throughout the year. During the summer, you can enjoy the outdoor wellness center, miniature golf, playground and adventure trails among the trees. In winter, the park turns into a winter paradise, with a balloon field, ice rink and toboggan run.

Paganella Kinder Park

Paganella Kinder Park is a safe and fun place where children can learn to ski. With dedicated ski instructors and a positive environment, children can develop their skiing skills while having fun.


Biblioigloo2 is a unique and welcoming library where children can read and discover new stories in a fascinating and stimulating environment. Located on the ski slopes, this wood-and-glass structure offers beautiful views of the surrounding mountains.

Sarnacli Mountain Park

Sarnacli Mountain Park offers a fun and educational experience with educational trails through nature. Children can learn about local wildlife and its habitats, climb the climbing tower and play in the wooded playground.

Forest Park

Forest Park is an adventure park nestled in the woods, complete with ropes courses, bridges, lianas and zip-lines. This park offers safe and exciting fun that encourages children to challenge themselves and develop confidence.

The AcquaIN, swimming pools and wellness

AcquaIN, a modern wellness center with indoor and outdoor pools, is a perfect choice for a relaxing day with the family. Facilities include a paddling pool, wave pool, slides, whirlpools, and more.

Andalo is a family vacation destination that offers something for everyone, regardless of age or interests. Whether you and your children are adventure lovers or prefer relaxing activities, Andalo has everything to give you a dream vacation.

Where to sleep in Andalo

Andalo, offers a wide range of accommodations for all tastes and budgets. Popular options include hotels, guesthouses, apartment rentals and campgrounds, many of which offer beautiful views of the surrounding mountains.

Again, as in many locations in the Alps, it is definitely advisable to book early to get the best possible choice.

Whatever your travel style or budget, Andalo has something to offer to ensure a memorable stay.


How to get to Andalo

Getting to Andalo, a gem nestled in the mountains of Trentino, is relatively easy because of its excellent accessibility from different parts of Italy.

You can reach Andalo easily thanks to Italian highways and provincial roads. To get to Andalo by car:
From Verona: Take the A22 highway, exiting at Trento Nord, then follow the signs for Val di Non and Val di Sole to Andalo.
From Bergamo and Milan: Take the A4 highway to the Brescia Est exit, then take the A21 highway and finally the A22. Exit at Trento Nord and follow the signs for Val di Non and Val di Sole.

If traveling by air, the nearest airports are Verona Villafranca, Bergamo Orio al Serio, and Milan Linate or Malpensa. From there, you can continue to Andalo by car, bus or train.

For those who prefer to take the train, the nearest station is Trento, from which direct buses depart to Andalo

Alternatively, several bus services such as Flixbus or MarinoBus depart from Milan, Verona, and Bergamo directly to Andalo.

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