Gstaad, nestled among the spectacular mountains of the Swiss Alps, is an exclusive tourist destination that provides an authentic alpine experience. With its mix of luxury, lifestyle, sports and culture, Gstaad is a place where glamour meets Swiss rural tradition.

Downtown streets are lined with high-fashion stores, luxurious hotels, Michelin-starred restaurants and designer jewelry stores. Strolling through the pedestrian streets of Gstaad is like taking a trip through a postcard image, with its traditional Swiss houses, upscale boutiques, and buggy stops.

The region has much to offer for nature and sports lovers. In summer, visitors can hike through flower-filled pastures, take mountain biking trails or go rock climbing.

In winter, Gstaad transforms into a winter sports paradise, with more than 200 km of slopes for skiing and snowboarding, as well as opportunities for snowshoeing, cross-country skiing and winter hiking.


Gstaad is also a place rich in culture and tradition. Each year, the resort hosts a number of top events, such as the Gstaad Menuhin Festival, a renowned classical music event, and Country Night Gstaad, one of Europe’s premier country events. Be sure to visit the Gstaad Castle Museum, which offers a fascinating look at local history.

In addition, Gstaad is known for its excellent cuisine. You can sample traditional Swiss cuisine in cozy stube rooms or dine at one of the Michelin-starred restaurants.

Whether you are looking for sports, relaxation, culinary pleasures or luxury shopping, Gstaad offers something for everyone. With its unique blend of alpine elegance, luxury lifestyle and extraordinary natural beauty, Gstaad is a destination that will enchant you in every season.

What to see in Gstaad

If you are looking for a destination that offers the perfect balance of outdoor activities, luxury relaxation, and cultural life, Gstaad may be the right destination for you.

Here are some places and activities not to be missed during your visit.

Mountain Wispile

Montagna Wispile

The Wispile is one of the most fascinating tourist spots in Gstaad, known as an ideal destination for a day trip. This 1919-meter mountain is one of the best vantage points for admiring the beauty of the Swiss Alps, offering unparalleled views of the village and surrounding mountains.

Getting to the Wispile is as simple as it is fun. You can reach the peak by taking the gondola from Gstaad. This is an experience in itself, offering through its large windows breathtaking glimpses of the mountain landscape during the peaceful journey upward.

Once at the top, there are several opportunities to enjoy the day. You can follow one of the many hiking trails that wind around the mountain. A favorite is the scenic trail leading to the Lauenensee. During the hike, you will have the opportunity to enjoy the unspoiled nature of the Swiss Alps, crossing mountain pastures and admiring the local flora and fauna.

For the more adventurous, there is also the possibility of paragliding. The experience of free flight over the mountains is one you will not soon forget.

If you prefer a more relaxing experience, then enjoy a meal or drink at the Wispile mountain restaurant, which offers spectacular views of the surrounding alpine peaks.

For families, Wispile also has much to offer. In summer, there is a fun adventure park with various games and climbing structures. In winter, it becomes a family-friendly ski resort, with slopes suitable for all abilities.

Lake Arnensee


Lake Arnensee is one of Gstaad’s hidden gems. This serene alpine lake is known for its tranquility, crystal clear waters and picturesque views, making your visit an unparalleled experience of peace and beauty.

Located about 14 kilometers from the village, Lake Arnensee can be reached by a short and scenic drive through the Swiss mountains. The route is a fascinating experience in itself, with the road winding through breathtaking mountainous scenery.

As you approach the lake, the landscape opens up to reveal the bright blue water of the lake, nestled between alpine peaks and green meadows.

Once there, there are numerous activities available. You may want to take a walk along the lakeshore, breathing in the fresh air and admiring the sparkling reflections of the mountains on the calm waters. The trails around the lake also offer excellent opportunities for hiking.

In addition, the lake offers the opportunity to rent a boat and explore its waters firsthand. There is nothing more relaxing than paddling in calm waters surrounded by the majestic Alps.

For those in the mood for a little adventure, there are also mountain bike trails that branch out around the lake, offering an exciting way to explore the landscape.

Gstaad Castle


Although Gstaad is mainly known for its natural beauty and outdoor activities, the region also has a long history and fascinating culture. One of the places that reflect this historical legacy is Gstaad Castle, a charming mansion dating back to the 19th century, located in the picturesque Saanen Valley.

Although Gstaad Castle is not as old as some of the other European castles, it still boasts an interesting history. It was built in the late 19th century at the initiative of a wealthy German banker. After its construction, it was entrusted to various noble and middle-class families who used its residence as a place of recreation and retreat in the quiet mountain region.

Over the years, the castle has undergone several renovations and extensions, true to the traditional architecture of the Saanenland region. Today, Gstaad Castle is a symbol of local elegance and culture.

Gstaad Castle is located close to the center and offers beautiful views of the village and surrounding mountains. Although it is not open to the public for guided tours, it is still possible to admire its architecture from the outside and take photographs as souvenirs.

Near the castle, you can visit the Church of St. Nicholas, another place of great historical and cultural interest. This 15th-century church has preserved its original structure and offers a fascinating view of the religious traditions of the region.

Walk through the center


The center of Gstaad is a charming alpine village known for its Promenade, the beating heart of the resort. Also known as the “shortest shopping street in Switzerland,” the Promenade is a jewel of this luxurious mountain resort.

The Promenade winds through the center of the village, offering an elegant array of high-fashion boutiques, jewelry stores, antique and gourmet stores, as well as some of the most renowned luxury brands. High-fashion clothing, high-end sporting goods, exclusive jewelry and Swiss watches are just some of the shopping options available along this street.

In addition to shopping, the Promenade offers a fantastic variety of restaurants and cafes.

The center of Gstaad has retained its authentically alpine character despite its status as an exclusive destination. Famous for its traditional wooden chalets, the city’s hundred offers a tranquil and upscale atmosphere that attracts visitors from all over the world.

Walks in Gstaad


In addition to luxury resorts and the renowned Promenade, Gstaad offers a myriad of walking and hiking opportunities that wind through its picturesque valleys and along mountain ridges.

Here is a look at some of the most fascinating walks in the Gstaad area.

Lauenen Lake Walk

One of the most popular walks in Gstaad leads to Lake Lauenen, a serene body of water surrounded by lush meadows and towering mountains. This walk begins in the village of Lauenen and leads to the lake via a well-marked trail. Not only will you have the opportunity to see some of the most fascinating alpine vistas, but you will also be able to see the rainbow of wildflowers during spring and summer.

Wispile Panoramic Route – Lauenensee

This walk will introduce you to the beauty of Gstaad’s alpine landscape from a new perspective. The trail begins at the Wispile cable car top station, located at an elevation of 1,900 meters. The walk leads through mountain meadows and larch forests to the idyllic landscape of the Lauenensee. This is a medium grade trek that takes about three hours, but the breathtaking views will make every step unforgettable.

Saanen Valley Walk

The Saanen Valley is one of the most beautiful areas near Gstaad. This walk begins in the village of Saanen and winds through green meadows, lush forests and rolling hills. A must for photographers, the Saanen Valley offers spectacular views of the alpine landscape, with its quaint wooden farmsteads and endless shades of green.

Excursion to Glacier 3000

For the more adventurous, we recommend a hike to Glacier 3000. This full-day excursion begins with a spectacular cable car ride to Pic Chaussy. From there, a hiking trail leads along the side of the glacier to the cable station, offering breathtaking views of the Alps.

Gstaad is renowned for its luxury, but you should not miss the natural beauty it offers. Its mountains, lakes and valleys are a true paradise for hikers.

So, next time you visit Gstaad, don’t forget to slip on a pair of comfortable shoes and explore some of the most beautiful walks this region has to offer!

Skiing in Gstaad


Gstaad also represents one of the most rewarding skiing experiences in Switzerland.

With more than 200 kilometers of slopes and a high-altitude location that ensures snow throughout the winter, Gstaad offers a winter playground for skiers and snowboarders of all levels.

A Skier’s Paradise

Gstaad’s slopes are varied and suitable for all levels of experience. From downhill enthusiasts looking for adventurous terrain, to beginner skiers who need quieter slopes to hone their skills, Gstaad has something for everyone. There are also numerous snowparks for freestyle sports enthusiasts and an extensive network of cross-country trails for those who prefer a more leisurely style of skiing.

Ski School

For beginners or those who want to perfect their skills, Gstaad is home to some of the best ski schools in the country. These schools offer private or group lessons with experienced instructors. And for the little ones, there are areas dedicated to learning how to have fun in the snow in a safe and controlled environment.

After Skiing

After a day on the slopes, Gstaad offers many options for refreshments and entertainment. The village is famous for its high-quality restaurants, many of which offer traditional Swiss cuisine with panoramic views of snow-capped mountains. If you like to relax with a hot drink in your hand, there are many cozy bars and lounges where you can do so.

In addition, visitors can try a variety of winter activities besides skiing, such as sledding, ice skating, snowshoeing, and many other diversions for a fun day in the snow.

With its well-maintained slopes, first-class facilities, high-quality teaching and after-ski fun options, Gstaad offers a dream destination for skiers.

Be enchanted by the beauty of the Swiss mountains, experience the adrenaline rush of the slopes, and relax in a luxurious setting after a day of fun in the snow.

No wonder Gstaad is one of the most popular ski destinations in the world!

Where to sleep in Gstaad

Gstaad offers a wide range of accommodations to suit every taste and budget.

Offerings range from the timeless elegance of luxury hotels, where comfort and high-quality service are the priority, to charming alpine chalets, perfect for those who desire a more authentic and intimate experience.

If you are looking for something more independent, there are also numerous apartments and vacation homes available for rent, many of which offer panoramic mountain views.

Finally, for travelers on a tighter budget, Gstaad also offers cozy hostels and campsites surrounded by nature.

Each accommodation in Gstaad ensures a warm welcome and a comfortable stay that will make you feel at home among the beautiful Swiss Alps.


How to get to Gstaad

Gstaad, located in the heart of the Bernese Alps in Switzerland, is easily accessible by both car and train.

If you choose to travel by car, Gstaad is located south of Bern, about two hours away, and about two and a half hours from Zurich.

The roads are well maintained and offer spectacular views of the surrounding mountains.

If you prefer to travel by train, the Swiss rail system is known to be efficient and reliable.

Trains to Gstaad run regularly from all major Swiss cities. From Gstaad train station, the center of the village is easily accessible on foot or by cab.

Finally, for those arriving by plane, the nearest airport is Geneva, from which you can take a train or rent a car to reach Gstaad.

Weather Gstaad


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