Discover a new dimension of luxury with our 2024 selection of the most exclusive in-room spa suites in the Italian Alps. From East to West the hotels that offer the most incredible suites with wellness services.

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Sophisticated readers and luxury travel enthusiasts know that the finest experiences are not just about location, but also about intimacy. For those seeking the ultimate escape from the everyday, surrounded by breathtaking scenery, we have chosen for you a hidden treasure trove of luxury accommodations in the Italian Alps that offer inimitable private wellness services right in your own suite.

From the comfort of a private Finnish sauna to the splendor of a terrace pool, each hotel we have selected offers its own unique interpretation of luxury wellness that will leave you eager to explore each of these fascinating options. And for starry-sky enthusiasts, some of these hotels even offerprivate astronomical observatories for even closer contact with nature.

Our selection is not a simple ranking.

The list is arranged geographically, from east to west, across the Italian Alpine chain, inviting you to travel with your mind along the enchanting ridges of the Alps. We tell these suites not in terms of superiority, but in terms of the regional treasures each can offer.

Each section presents a detailed description of each hotel, telling the story of its luxury suites.

Your exclusive journey begins here. Discover the selection from start to finish to learn about the amazing variety of wonders the Italian Alps have in store for you.

Falkensteiner Hotel Kronplatz, South Tyrol

Nestled among the majestic peaks of South Tyrol, the Falkensteiner Hotel Kronplatz maintains a high standard for spa suites.

Their Junior and Loft Suites enchant guests with infrared cabins boasting unforgettable views. However, the undisputed star is the Summit Suite. This suite with a cozy atmosphere and a design finished in every detail, offers a generous space of 55 m², including two balconies and a comfortable heated outdoor lounge area, located on the top floor.

Each Summit Suite is equipped with air conditioning, an exercise kit that includes a gymnastics backboard and medicine ball, and a cozy sofa set on an authentic oak parquet floor.

The Falkensteiner Hotel Kronplatz offers a very special experience for those who book the Summit Suite for at least 7 days, making the stay not only comfortable but also memorable.

Via Funivia, 1c

+39 0474 862400

My Arbor - Plose Wellness Hotel, South Tyrol

My Arbor is a magnificent tree hotel in South Tyrol, where guests can sleep in the treetops, dream beyond the clouds and lose themselves in the silence of the forest, thus finding their way back to the essence of the soul.

An extraordinary place where peace and strength emanate, just like the trees that adorn the structure. Here, guests can take root, grow, flourish and become an integral part of nature.

Treetop Suite

My Arbor’s Treetop suite offers an experience of joining with nature, immersed in an environment of total peace and relaxation. Every once in a while, it is refreshing to change perspective, and that is exactly what the Treetop suite allows you to do.

It covers an area of 100 m², from which you can cast your gaze over the treetops and the vastness stretching southward, thanks to a viewing corner and a 20 m² south-facing terrace with a private Jacuzzi whirlpool.

The Treetop Suite welcomes guests into a spacious living room with a panoramic view corner. You can relax in a luxurious bedroom complemented by a boxspring bed, having a spacious walk-in closet at your disposal. .

A final touch is the presence of a “My SPA Heaven” sensory shower and a private in-room sauna. This suite perfectly represents the essence of My Arbor, for an experience that blends luxury, nature and relaxation into an unforgettable memory.

St. Leonard Street, 26
39042 S. Andrew

+39 0472 694012

Hotel Milla Montis, South Tyrol

Hotel Milla Montis offers spa suites designed to ensure a total sense of well-being for its guests.

The design of the suites emphasizes the natural element through the abundant use of wood to create a calm and welcoming environment. The panoramic view of the mountains, visible from every private balcony, allows guests to fully immerse themselves in the beauty of the surrounding landscape, breathing fresh air and listening to the sounds of nature.

The interior is furnished in a minimalist and delicate design, with specific attention to comfort. Spacious beds adorned with charcoal-gray blankets and mid-century-style armchairs complete each room, creating an ideal relaxation nook after a day spent exploring local attractions.

Spa Suite – Hotel Milla Montis

The Spa Suite at Hotel Milla Montis offers a superlative wellness experience. This suite of approximately 42 m² combines understated luxury with fine materials, offering breathtaking views that can be enjoyed both indoors and outdoors.

Featuring a private sauna and a spacious freestanding tub, this suite is the ideal place to relax with an aromatic herbal bath, all with the striking backdrop of the mist-shrouded Dolomites.

MERANSEN-HuberstraSSE 25

+39 0472 520 278

Cyprianerhof Dolomit Resort, South Tyrol

Cyprianerhof Dolomit Resort offers a selection of luxurious suites with private spas, accentuating the experience of refreshment and sophistication for its guests.

Gartl Suite

This suite offers a large private terrace equipped with a jacuzzi. The terrace allows impressive panoramic views towards the Catinaccio, ensuring a superior relaxation experience.

Traun Suite

Included in this suite is a private spa area with a Finnish sauna and steam room. In addition, guests can enjoy a private jacuzzi on the terrace, which offers delightful views of the Rosengarten and Schlern mountains.

Antermoja Suite

As the resort’s largest suite, the Antermoja includes a private spa area complete with Finnish sauna and steam room. A highlight is the private rooftop pool that features spectacular views of the Rosengarten mountain range.

All suites are furnished with natural stone and fine oak, creating a comfortable and luxurious environment. From exquisite design to incredible attention to detail, these suites promise every guest a rejuvenating escape.

St. Cyprian Street, 69
39050 Tires


+39 0471 642143

Manna Resort, South Tyrol

The Manna Resort offers an unforgettable experience of wellness and comfort with its suites with private in-room saunas.

Within the facility, six units boast this luxury feature. Three chalets offer incredible views of the bioswimming pool, contributing to a unique atmosphere that combines intimacy and harmony with nature.

In addition, the resort has three junior suites that pay homage to Nordic authenticity, each with a sauna theme dedicated to Finland, Sweden and Denmark. The saunas follow the traditions of each of these nations, thus ensuring an unforgettable sensory journey.

Finnish Corner Junior Suite

One example is the 50-square-meter Finnish Corner Junior Suite, which offers a bright environment wrapped in the arctic blue color of Finnish granite and the light tones of fir.

The value of the room includes use of the sauna, allowing guests to relax whenever they wish at no extra cost.

The Grand Chalet at Manna Resort

The Grand Chalet at Manna Resort offers generous space and a touch of luxury with its private bioswimming pool. Made of rover, granite and fine concrete inserts, the apartment spreads a natural, airy and relaxing atmosphere, ideal for up to four people.

In addition to providing every comfort inside, the chalet offers a wonderful view on its terrace at the edge of the bioswimming pool.

Guests can enjoy direct access to the water and an exclusive-use cove protected by vegetation, creating a personal outdoor paradise.

The experience at Manna Resort, with its in-room spa suites, is a perfect opportunity for those seeking a stay of pure luxury and relaxation.

The attention to detail and sophisticated design of the open-air Grand Chalet give Manna Resort a unique appeal, creating the ultimate in relaxation in a luxurious setting.

Klamm Alley, 3
Doladizza 39040

+39 0471 143 0095

SEELEITEN Lake Spa Hotel, South Tyrol

In the heart of South Tyrol, on the shores of Lake Kaltern, is the Lake Spa Hotel SEELEITEN, which offers two luxury options for an in-room spa suite.

Presidential Suite

The Presidential Suite, with its impressive 127m² of interior space and a 55m² roof terrace, is a true oasis of well-being. On the terrace, a hot tub awaits you from which you can enjoy breathtaking views of the valley, making each bath a truly unique experience. Inside the suite, you will have a private sauna and bathtub, as well as two separate showers. Upon request, you can also arrange in-room massages for a complete relaxation experience.

Penthouse Suite

For a slightly smaller but equally luxurious choice, the Penthouse Suite offers 42m² of Alpine elegance with a 12m² balcony. This outdoor space houses a romantic sauna for two, overlooking the lake, to enjoy a sauna with a view that is hard to match. In the suite, a hot tub for two offers a panoramic view, turning each bathroom into a fascinating spectacle.

Wine Road, 30
39052 Kaltern on the Wine Road

+39 0471 960200

Miramonti Boutique Hotel, South Tyrol

At Miramonti Boutique Hotel, the relaxing spa experience is embodied in different room types to meet the individual needs of each guest.

Spa Suites

These suites offer private, private and exclusive relaxation. Equipped with a private Finnish sauna located within the room, they make the wellness experience immediately accessible. The interior design of the Craftmen’s Spa Suite features herringbone wood flooring, a large open bathroom with freestanding tub, and a cozy day-bed for relaxation. The experience is complemented by a bed with vis à vis with a spectacular panoramic view, a true touch of Miramonti style.

007 Loft

On the top floor of the house, the loft evokes the legendary charm of James Bond. In addition to a collection of classic 007 films, the loft features a shower with a view of the city of Merano. Designer furniture by “Knoll International” gives the loft a retro 1970s charm, with the central bed as a design element. Brightness and incomparable views are provided by the long window front. In addition, the loft has a private terrace with jacuzzi and comfortable seating.

The Urban Room with Jacuzzi and the Sky House also offer the experience of relaxation with a private whirlpool located on the room’s balcony and a private Hot Pot nestled in the woods, respectively. At Miramonti Boutique Hotel, luxury and a private spa experience go hand in hand.

St. Catherine Street, 14
39010 Hafling

Quellenhof Luxury Resort Passeier, South Tyrol

At the Quellenhof Luxury Resort Passeier, luxury suites and chalets offer an elegant ambiance enhanced by fine details. Each chalet, excluding the Penthouse Chalet, has a private pool on the terrace, along with a hot-whirlpool and sauna for moments of total relaxation. Fine furnishings, high-end technical equipment, luxury VI Spring beds, a fireplace and many other amenities make guests’ stay an unforgettable experience.

The Sky Chalet offers an exclusive luxury experience for 2-7 people on a 320 m² area, of which 120 m² is dedicated to a lodge with a 6×3 m private pool, sauna and whirlpool. The highlight of this chalet is a private astronomical observatory located on the terrace, which can only be used with the resort’s astronomical guide. The suite consists of three bedrooms, fitness room, a large living room with electric fireplace, corner sofa, dining table, wine fridge and Nespresso machine.

TheInfinity-Chalet, for 2-6 persons, offers a total area of 445 m², including 160 m² of living space and an exclusive loggia of 285 m². The outdoor area offers breathtaking views and features a private 9×4 m infinity pool, an outdoor sauna, a whirlpool, cozy relaxation areas, and a private fitness room. This suite has two bedrooms with luxury VI-Spring beds, plus a children’s room with two single beds, two bathrooms, a spacious living room and a Nespresso machine with an assortment of teas and herbal teas.

In all facilities, private massages can be booked due to the presence of a mobile massage table. These additional services are available upon request to ensure an even more comfortable stay for resort guests.

Via Passiria, 47
39010 St. Martin in Passeier

+39 0473 645474

Charmant Petit Lac, Champoluc

The Charmant Petit Lac interprets luxury not in a classic, brash way, but with a sense of welcome that embraces you as soon as you enter. This spirit is evident in its exclusive suites with spa services.

Junior Suite

Inviting and spacious at 35 square meters, the Junior Suites provide the perfect retreat for a relaxing couples’ getaway. Double windows overlook enchanting views of the Zerbion and Monte Rosa mountains, framing the view like works of art. The décor echoes the original style of the hotel, with warm woods, soft and fine fabrics, and abundant natural light. The intimate and relaxing atmosphere of the Junior Suites is made even more special by the in-room bathtub, found in some of the suites, where you can pamper yourself and forget your daily routine.

Suite Le Grenier

The 50-square-meter Le Grenier Suite has a balcony with a magnificent view of Monte Rosa. Elm finishes, designer sofas and precious materials fit perfectly into a context with a rustic flavor, creating a delicate balance between modernity and tradition. Imagine relaxing in your suite’s whirlpool tub on a cold winter’s day or taking a nap in the sitting room, then enjoying an aperitif or a candlelight dinner, surrounded by the elegant atmosphere of the Aosta Valley.

In-Room Wellness Treatments

From the first step inside your suite, you will be enveloped in a welcoming scent of natural wood. Large windows offer glimpses of Mt. Rose while soft, simple colors provide familiar comfort. And what could be more luxurious than a wellness ritual in the privacy and comfort of such a cozy setting?

The Charmant Petit Lac grants your wish with relaxation rituals right in your room, made even more pleasant by the atmosphere created by burning candles and the use of relaxing fragrances made from thyme, rennet apple and butter. At the end of this relaxing journey, the room will be prepared for your bath, ensuring maximum relaxation in complete privacy.

Route Ramey, 50
11020 Champoluc

+39 0125 308765

Of course, ending the journey among the lush peaks of the Italian Alps through words can only skim the surface of the true experience.

With in-room spa suites, the luxury experience reaches new levels, turning a simple stay into a personalized wellness paradise.

Luxury will meet intimacy and uniqueness in these exclusive suites, each with its own unique interpretation of wellness.

From breathtaking views to private saunas, from aromatic baths to fully customizable experiences, each of these destinations promises a unique experience in its own way.

In 2024, these in-room spa suites in the Italian Alps will be ideal places for those seeking a luxury retreat, surrounded by breathtaking scenery and enveloped in an atmosphere of absolute well-being.

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