Snowy Meadow is a place where snow meets sun, rugged mountains embrace clear skies, and people’s welcoming smiles blend with the crisp air of the high mountains. This charming ski resort in the heart of Piedmont, Italy, is a hidden gem in the Ligurian Alps, offering the perfect mix of snow adventures, breathtaking panoramic views, exquisite local cuisine and warm Italian hospitality.

Are you an avid skier or snowboarder looking for your next snowy destination? Or perhaps you are a nature lover eager to explore breathtaking mountain landscapes or relaxing winter activities? Whether you are a veteran of the slopes or a beginner on your first mountain walks, Prato Nevoso is ready to give you an unforgettable experience.


In our travel guide to Prato Nevoso, we take you on a tour through the perfectly groomed ski slopes, picturesque mountain trails, and everything that makes Prato Nevoso an excellent vacation destination.

Sit back, read and be inspired by what Snowy Meadow has to offer. No matter which way you enjoy the snow, Snowy Meadow will know how to welcome you with open arms.

What to See in Snowy Meadow

Welcome to Prato Nevoso, an alpine treasure hidden among the peaks of the Ligurian and Maritime Alps of Piedmont. This corner of paradise offers a huge variety of activities and attractions for the curious traveler, from the breathtaking views, the extensive ski offerings, to the abundant cultural offerings.

Here is a taste of the unforgettable experiences that await you in Snowy Meadow.

Marguareis Natural Park


Marguareis Nature Park is one of the most fascinating protected areas in Piedmont, located in the Ligurian Alps in the Province of Cuneo. It covers a vast area of about 7,900 hectares, extending over the upper Pesio and Tanaro valleys.

This park is dominated by the Marguareis massif, the highest peak in the Ligurian Alps. In fact, the name of the park is derived from Punta Marguareis.

The body in charge of park management is the Maritime Alps Protected Areas Authority. Among the main purposes of this park is the conservation of Piedmont’s botanical wealth, of which the “Émile Burnat” Center for Plant Biodiversity is an emblematic example.

The Marguareis Nature Park is an ecosystem rich in biodiversity with a variety of fauna and flora. The park provides a habitat for numerous wild animals, including several species of birds and mammals.

For trekking lovers, the Marguareis Park offers several opportunities. There are numerous marked trails in the park area suitable for hikers of all abilities and experience levels.

A unique experience is exploring the park’s cave system, one of the most popular attractions among hikers.

Caudan Caves and Adventure Park

Grotte del Caudano Prato Nevoso

Located in the heart of Piedmont, the Mondolè Park complex is home to Le Grotte del Caudano and the Adventure Park, offering a variety of unique experiences.

Caudan Caves

The Caudan Caves are a true natural jewel. These majestic tunnel formations stretch for as much as 3 km on 4 overlapping planes. A testament to the richness of local biodiversity, these caves are also home to numerous bats. The caves have been the subject of scientific study and are open to the public to discover and learn more about these spectacular natural formations.

Adventure Park

The Adventure Park, located in a charming chestnut grove, offers a challenging and adrenaline-pumping experience. Consisting of trails divided into different difficulties, the park is designed to test both your daring and motor skills. A course suitable for children 10 years and older (with a minimum height of 120 cm) is colored yellow, while a more challenging course is marked in blue. Each course offers a combination of 10 different elements, ensuring a day full of fun and challenge.

In conclusion, The Caudan Caves and Adventure Park offer a variety of unique experiences for all tastes and ages.

Shrine of Vicoforte


Located in the town of Vicoforte, in the province of Cuneo, the Basilica of the Nativity of Mary Shrine is one of the most important places of worship in Piedmont. This majestic building, known simply as the Sanctuary of Vicoforte, is famous for its elliptical dome, the largest of its kind in the world.

Construction of the shrine began in 1596 on an ancient chapel dedicated to the Nativity of Mary.

The Sanctuary of Vicoforte is a masterpiece of architecture with a unique structure. The large elliptical dome, of considerable size, is embellished with frescoes and features an equally magnificent tiburium.

The interior of the basilica is also marvelous, with a nave adorned with stupendous works of art telling the story of the Virgin Mary.

The Shrine is open to the public for visitation and prayer. One of the experiences available to visitors is the “Ascent to the Dome,” a guided trail that leads to the top of the dome offering unforgettable views of the Tanaro Valley and the Alps.

Walks in Snowy Meadow


Snowy Meadow offers incredible opportunities for outdoor enthusiasts. If you are an enthusiastic walker or a curious tourist, get ready to discover the charms of walking in Prato Nevoso, in the beautiful region of the Italian Alps.

Rundtur Walk

The Rundtur trail is a 3-kilometer scenic walk that provides spectacular views of the valley and surrounding mountains. Suitable for families with children and walkers of all levels, this trail is well marked and offers an easy walk through nature.

Witches’ Lake Walk

A 7 km trail along a wide variety of landscapes, the Witches’ Lake Walk is perfect for those who want to immerse themselves in the beauty of the Italian Alps.

Starting point is Alpe Palanfrè, and the total duration is about 4 hours. Along the way, there are waterfalls, beautiful views and, of course, the picturesque Witches’ Lake.

Mondovi Refuge Walk

This 12-km walk is a good choice for experienced hikers and takes you to the Mondovi Refuge, located at 1550 meters above sea level. The trail begins in Prato Nevoso and winds through forests and flower-filled meadows, offering magnificent views of the valley below.

The Gnome Trail

Ideal for families with young children, the Gnome Trail is a 2 km-long interactive trail that offers fun and excitement. Along the way, little hikers will meet cute wooden gnomes and can engage in educational activities related to nature and local heritage.

Skiing in Prato Nevoso


Discover the magic of skiing in Prato Nevoso, a leading winter destination located in the spectacular Ligurian Alps of Piedmont. This ski resort offers exceptional opportunities for both beginners and experts, ensuring an unforgettable skiing experience.

Located at 1480 meters above sea level, Prato Nevoso is well known for the quality of its slopes and lifts. This charming resort offers 130 km of downhill slopes, an extensive snowboarding area and a snow playground for children.

The slopes at Prato Nevoso are suitable for all levels of skiers. Black runs, suitable for experienced skiers, offer challenging and rewarding descents. The red and blue slopes are suitable for intermediate and beginner skiers, offering a variety of slightly easier but still exciting terrain.

Skiing Under the Stars

Prato Nevoso is among the few ski resorts in Italy that offers lighting facilities along its slopes, allowing skiers to extend their day of skiing after dark. The experience of skiing at night offers a unique landscape, with illuminated mountains and the stars shining above you.

During the ski season, you can generally ski at night on certain days of the week, usually Thursday through Saturday, from 8:00 pm to 11:30 pm. The lighted slopes for night skiing are mainly the “Pista Conca” and the “Pista dei Lupi,” both of which are suitable for both expert and beginner skiers.

The Ski School

For those who are new to skiing or want to improve their skills, Prato Nevoso Ski School offers a wide range of personalized lessons with qualified instructors. Lessons are available for children, adults, beginners and advanced skiers.

Snowboarding and Freestyle

Snowy Meadow is not just for skiers. The resort has an excellent snow park for snowboarding and freestyle enthusiasts. The snowpark is equipped with jumps, rails and boxes for all skill levels.

Besides the slopes, what makes Prato Nevoso a special place is the cozy atmosphere of the resort. You will find a wide selection of restaurants and cafes where you can relax after a day on the slopes. And for those who need a break from skiing, there are many other activities including guided snowshoeing, ice skating and relaxing at local spas.

Where to sleep in Snowy Meadow

Prato Nevoso, offre una vasta gamma di alloggi per tutti i gusti e budget. Tra le opzioni più popolari ci sono hotel, pensioni, appartamenti in affitto e campeggi, molti dei quali offrono splendide viste sulle montagne circostanti.

Anche qui, come in molte località delle Alpi, è decisamente consigliabile prenotare per tempo per avere la migliore scelta possibile.

Qualunque sia il tuo stile di viaggio o budget, Prato Nevoso ha qualcosa da offrire per garantire un soggiorno memorabile.


How to get to Snowy Meadow

How to get to Prato Nevoso, Piedmont

To get to Prato Nevoso, you can follow the A6 Turin-Savona highway, exiting at the Mondovì toll booth. After the highway exit, you must turn left at the traffic circle, following the road signs to Mondovì and then to Villanova Mondovì, Artesina and finally, Prato Nevoso.

Prato Nevoso is located in northern Italy, at an altitude of 1480 m, in the province of Cuneo, Piedmont. Finally, it is also possible to get to Prato Nevoso using public transportation, such as the bus, and following the directions provided by navigation apps.

Weather Snowy Meadow


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