Alagna, un piccolo comune nascosto tra le montagne del Piemonte, è un luogo unico che si distingue per la sua bellezza tranquilla e rustica. Questo è un angolo segreto dell’Italia che è rimasto in gran parte intatto e riserva molte sorprese per i visitatori.

Situata nella Valsesia, in Piemonte, Alagna è una piccola città dal fascino rustico ricca di storia. Fondata intorno al XII secolo, la comunità è cresciuta nel corso dei secoli, conservando però la sua identità caratteristica. È famosa per le sue caratteristiche “Walser” – case di legno uniche costruite in stile walser che mostrano l’eredità storica della regione.

Più che per la sua storia, però, Alagna è conosciuta come un paradiso per gli amanti della montagna. La città si trova ai piedi del Monte Rosa, la seconda montagna più alta d’Europa. La sua posizione a 1200 metri sul livello del mare la rende un luogo ideale per sciare, escursionismo, arrampicata e molto altro.


Ski enthusiasts will find a wide range of slopes suitable for all skill levels. The Alagna ski area is part of the larger “Monterosa Ski,” which stretches across several regions and offers more than 180 km of skiable slopes.

Hikers can set out to discover the Alta Valsesia Nature Park, an extraordinary treasure trove of biodiversity that offers endless opportunities for exploration.

Alagna doesn’t disappoint when it comes to cuisine either! Piedmontese cuisine is famous for its richness and variety, and here is no exception. Don’t miss the polenta dishes, local cheeses and cured meats, especially ‘Moccetta,’ a typical cured meat of the area.

If you’re looking for an authentic and timeless mountain experience equipped with rich history, exciting outdoor activities, and delicious cuisine, Alagna certainly has it.

What to see in Alagna

Alagna, located in the picturesque region of Piedmont, is a paradise of natural beauty. The area is a concentration of lush forests, steep mountain peaks, cool mountain streams and open spaces, offering visitors an unforgettable nature experience.

Alta Valsesia Nature Park

parco naturale alta valsesia Alagna

Alta Valsesia Nature Park is a nature reserve located in the northern part of Piedmont, Italy, covering more than 71,000 hectares. Founded in 1979, the park’s mission is to promote the protection of the region’s natural and cultural heritage, ensuring an unforgettable experience for nature and outdoor enthusiasts.

The Alta Valsesia Nature Park is considered the highest natural park in Europe, as it stretches from the plains at the foot of the mountains to the peaks of Monte Rosa, reaching an altitude of 4,561 meters. Due to this elevational variety, the park has an exceptional biodiversity of fauna and flora, partly related to the presence of different climatic zones.

The Alta Valsesia Nature Park offers a wide range of trails for hikers of all skill levels. Many of the trails lead to mountain huts, where you can rest and enjoy a meal and a warm welcome. Some of the most famous routes include:

  • The “Blue Trail”: a 130-km route through the entire park, from Alagna Valsesia to the town of Rimasco.
  • The Ravelli Bivouac Ring: a circular trail of medium difficulty that, starting from Alagna, runs through the Vallone d’Otro and its characteristic Walser hamlets to the Ravelli Bivouac.
  • The Ascent to the Refuges: Hikes to the Regina Margherita, Gnifetti and Mantua refuges are among the favorite destinations for park visitors.

In addition to hiking, the park also offers opportunities for other outdoor activities such as climbing, wildlife watching, bird-watching, cycling on scenic roads, and ski touring in winter.

Sesia River


The Sesia River originates from the Monte Rosa Glacier, flows mainly southward through Valsesia before flowing into the Po River.

Due to its natural environment, the river and its tributaries are inhabited by a rich fauna.

One of the most spectacular stretches of the Sesia is found in the mountain section, where the river winds through a series of gorges and canyons, creating spectacular rapids. In these stretches the river becomes the realm of water sports enthusiasts such as rafting, kayaking and hydrospeeding. Many centers also offer the opportunity to rent the necessary equipment and participate in guided tours, ideal for both beginners and experts.

In addition to the water sports already mentioned, the Sesia River offers many other opportunities for outdoor activities. For example, fishing is very popular, and the river is known for its rich trout population.

In addition, for those who prefer more relaxing activities, the banks of the Sesia offer many places ideal for picnicking, scenic walks, or simply enjoying the tranquility of nature.

Toce Falls

Cascate del Toce Alagna

Toce Falls, are one of the most spectacular gems of the Piedmont region. Considered the second highest waterfall in Europe, these waterfalls are located in the municipality of Formazza at an elevation of 1675 meters.

The Toce Falls are one of the highlights of the Toce River and are particularly notable for their majesty. The river makes a 143-meter jump over a 200-meter rocky slope, creating a natural spectacle of rare beauty with a jet of water at the base as much as 60 meters wide.

The Toce Falls are open for visits only at certain times of the year, mainly from June to September, with the water spectacularly released creating a fascinating cascade. They also offer a wooden walkway on top of the rocks from which there is a wonderful view.

Pianalunga and Punta Indren

Pianalunga e Punta Indren Alagna

Pianalunga and Punta Indren are two locations offer breathtaking views, adventurous hiking, and some of the best skiing.


Pianalunga is located at an elevation of 2,050 meters above sea level and is the first stop on the cable car that connects Alagna to the summit of Punta Indren. It is surrounded by a beautiful natural setting and offers a peaceful and scenic environment.

In winter, Pianalunga is a popular ski resort with slopes for all skill levels. In summer, it becomes a starting point for numerous hikes leading to mountain huts, alpine lakes and climbing routes.

Punta Indren

From Pianalunga, the cable car continues its ascent to Punta Indren, a peak that is 3,275 meters above sea level. From here, you will have a breathtaking panoramic view of the Monte Rosa massif and surrounding peaks.

Punta Indren is also a starting point for a variety of activities, including ski mountaineering tours and high-tech hikes, such as the Via Ferrata dei Legnasc, which is a safe, equipped climbing route.

The time to visit Pianalunga and Punta Indren depends on your preference. If you are a skier, the winter time is ideal for enjoying the ski slopes, snowshoeing and ski tours.

If, on the other hand, you are a lover of hiking, the summer offers numerous alpine trails that will take you through spectacular mountain landscapes, past streams, lakes and mountain huts.

You can also explore the area by mountain bike or engage in rock climbing. At any time of the year, don’t forget to enjoy the breathtaking scenery around you!

Walks in Alagna


Among alpine valleys and majestic peaks, Alagna, is a perfect destination for those seeking a rejuvenating getaway surrounded by nature. Alagna offers much in the summertime, especially for hiking enthusiasts.

Traditional Route: Alagna – Rifugio Pastore

One of the most popular routes starts in Alagna and leads to the Pastore Refuge. This approximately 2 1/2-hour hike is accessible for most fitness levels and offers beautiful views of Mt. Rose. The trail winds through beech and larch forests, finally arriving at the hut, where you can enjoy a warm, restorative meal.

Walking among the Walser Houses

Another evocative itinerary consists of a walk among the so-called “Walser Houses” of Alagna. Walser Houses are traditional 16th-century dwellings made of larch wood. With an easy walk through the center of Alagna, you will have the opportunity to learn about local architecture and Walser culture.

Panoramic Point: Bastion Route

For lovers of breathtaking views, the Bulwark Trail is a must. This medium-difficulty trail starts in Alagna and winds up to the natural balcony of Belvedere. From here there is a panoramic view of the Lys Glacier and the peaks of Monte Rosa. Remember to bring a camera with you!

For the Adventurous: Alagna – Rifugio Guglielmina

For the more experienced, we recommend the ascent to Rifugio Guglielmina. This steep and challenging trail offers spectacular views of the Sesia Glacier. Remember, however, that this is a high mountain route and requires adequate physical preparation and equipment.

Discovering Alpine Wildlife: Marmot Trail

Ideal for families with children, the Marmot Trail [Itinerary No. 4] is an educational trail located in the nearby town of Riva Valdobbia. During the walk, you can learn many things about the marmot, along with other species of alpine wildlife.

Alagna offers a variety of walks that will please both the more adventurous and visitors looking for a more leisurely hike. Whether you are a nature lover, culture enthusiast or photographer looking for breathtaking views, Alagna in the Piedmont has the perfect walk for you.

Get your hiking shoes ready and come explore this gem of the Italian Alps!

Skiing in Alagna


In the heart of the Italian Alps, Alagna represents a mecca for winter sports enthusiasts. This charming mountain resort is part of the Monterosa Ski area, offering a one-of-a-kind skiing experience with its breathtaking views, diverse slopes, and legendary off-piste descents.

Over 180 km of slopes

The Monterosa Ski area, consisting of the ski areas of Alagna, Gressoney and Champoluc, boasts more than 180 km of carefully groomed slopes. Whether you are a beginner or a veteran skier, you will find slopes to suit your skill level: gentle blue runs for beginners, challenging red and black runs for experienced skiers.

Freeride Paradise

If you are a freeride enthusiast, Alagna is a paradise. Known as the ‘Free Ride Paradise,’ Alagna offers an incredible amount of off-piste routes. From the well-known “Balma” descent to the famous Otro Valley, the possibilities are virtually endless. Remember, however, that off-piste activities must always be done safely. If you are not experienced or do not know the area, we recommend hiring a mountain guide.

Ski Schools & Equipment Rental

Whether you are putting on skis for the first time or want to improve your technique, Alagna offers several ski schools with qualified instructors. You can also rent ski equipment directly on site, whether you need downhill, freeride, or ski touring equipment.

Beyond Skiing

Remember, skiing is not the only way to enjoy winter in Alagna! There are many other winter activities such as ice skating, snowshoeing, ice climbing, and even helicopter tours. After a long day of outdoor activities, why not relax in one of the many cozy mountain huts with a plate of polenta and a good glass of wine?

Discover the thrill of skiing in Alagna, an unspoiled corner of Piedmont surrounded by the stunning peaks of Monte Rosa. With a wide range of slopes, excellent ski facilities and a vibrant mountain environment, Alagna offers everyone from beginners to experts an unforgettable winter experience.

So put on your skis, lace up your boots and get ready for adventure on the slopes of Alagna!

Where to sleep in Alagna

Alagna, offers a wide range of accommodations for all tastes and budgets. Popular options include hotels, guesthouses, apartment rentals and campgrounds, many of which offer beautiful views of the surrounding mountains.

Again, as in many locations in the Alps, it is definitely advisable to book early to get the best possible choice.

Whatever your travel style or budget, Alagna has something to offer to ensure a memorable stay.


How to get to Alagna

To reach Alagna, Piedmont, there are several transportation options. By car, it is possible to take the A4 Turin-Milan freeway to the Biandrate exit, then continue on the A26 Genova Voltri-Gravellona Toce to the Romagnano Sesia-Ghemme exit, and finally take the SS299 towards Alagna.

If you prefer public transportation instead, Alagna can be reached by bus via Autolinee Baranzelli on the Milan-Novara-Varallo-Alagna route or with ATAP’s Line 50 on the Vercelli-Varallo-Alagna route. Alternatively, cab transfers can be arranged from nearby train stations or airports.

Weather Alagna


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