In the heart of the Italian Alps, there is a small treasure of unspoiled nature, historical tradition and adventurous activities: La Thuile.

This charming village located in the Aosta Valley is not only a popular ski resort, but also a place rich in natural beauty, outdoor activities and wonderful historical attractions.

La Thuile is located at the northwestern tip of Italy, near the French Alpine town of La Rosière. The municipality is surrounded by imposing Alpine peaks, including Mont Blanc and the Rutor Glacier. This glacier is one of the distinctive elements of La Thuile’s landscape, being the third largest in the Aosta Valley.


In every season, La Thuile offers a variety of outdoor activities. In winter, the village is renowned for its ski and snowboard slopes. But the adventure does not end with skiing: La Thuile is also famous for its Bike Park, which turns out to be open from June to September. For trail running enthusiasts, there is also the La Thuile Trail, a mountain running event with three distances: 25km, 42km and 70km.

La Thuile is truly a fascinating destination to discover, no matter if you are a winter or summer sports enthusiast, history buff or just an explorer looking for a touch of alpine beauty.

This wonderful location is just waiting to be discovered, offering its visitors an unforgettable experience.

What to see in La Thuile

La Thuile, an enchanting alpine village in the Aosta Valley, is a place where nature reigns supreme, offering visitors breathtaking scenery and endless opportunities for outdoor activities.

Here are some of the main naturalistic points of interest in and around La Thuile.

Gran Paradiso Nature Park


The Gran Paradiso Nature Park is a place of extraordinary beauty, located between the Aosta Valley and Piedmont. It is the oldest national park in Italy, established on December 3, 1922. Its creation was aimed at preserving the fauna, flora, special geological formations and the beauty of the landscape.

An interesting curiosity concerns the history of the Park, which is closely related to ibex protection. In 1856, King Victor Emmanuel II declared these mountains a royal hunting reserve, thus saving the ibex from extinction. This animal has become a symbol of the Park and is much loved by visitors.

For nature lovers, the Gran Paradiso Nature Park offers a variety of breathtaking landscapes, including majestic peaks, enchanting valleys and a rich biodiversity of flora and fauna. Visiting this park means immersing yourself in an unspoiled environment and having an unforgettable experience in close contact with nature.

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Rutor Falls


The Rutor Falls originate from the waters of the Rutor Glacier, located on the southern slope of the mountain at 3,489 meters above sea level.

The Rutor Falls offer a majestic spectacle: torrents of water rush down the rocks, generating an atmosphere of coolness and power both visually and sonically. The falls are an attraction for tourists and locals throughout the year, but especially in spring and summer when the glacier is thawing, and the water flow is greater.

To reach Rutor Falls, it is necessary to follow a hiking trail that starts from the alpine village of La Joux, near La Thuile. The trail is well marked and has a difficulty rating of E (hiking) and can be completed in about 2 hours. Along the way, it is possible to pass through forests, meadows and other natural sights, and then come within sight of the falls.

Surrounded by lush nature, the Rutor Falls Trail is also ideal for those looking for a bit of relaxation and wanting to immerse themselves in the beauty of alpine landscapes. Waterfalls offer a unique experience for nature lovers and represent a hidden treasure of the Aosta Valley.

If you are planning to visit the Aosta Valley, keep Rutor Falls in mind as one of the must-see places. The breathtaking beauty of the waters flowing over the rocks and the fresh, rejuvenating alpine air will make your experience unforgettable.

Lake Arpy


Il Lago d’Arpy è un affascinante lago alpino situato a 2.066 metri s.l.m., tra il Monte Colmet a est e il Monte d’Arsy a ovest. È uno dei gioielli naturali più apprezzati della regione e si raggiunge facilmente partendo dal comune di Morgex.

Le acque cristalline del Lago d’Arpy sono circondate da prati fioriti e dalle cime maestose delle montagne, offrendo uno scenario suggestivo e rilassante. La zona attorno al lago si presta a numerose attività all’aperto, come escursionismo, trekking, birdwatching e pic-nic.

Il sentiero per raggiungere il lago parte dalla località di Arpy, vicino a Morgex, e si sviluppa lungo un percorso di circa 3,7 km con un dislivello di 459 metri. Questo itinerario è di facile percorrenza e adatto a famiglie con bambini e a chiunque voglia godere dell’incantevole natura della Valle d’Aosta. Lungo il sentiero si attraversano boschi di larici, abeti e ontani, offrendo un’esperienza immersiva nella vegetazione locale.

Durante il periodo estivo, il lago si veste di colori vivaci grazie alla presenza di una vasta gamma di fiori alpini, come genziane, eriofori e rododendri. L’autunno offre un altro aspetto incantevole del paesaggio, con le foglie dei larici che assumono una colorazione dorata.

La combinazione di acque cristalline, montagne imponenti e vegetazione rigogliosa rende questo luogo una meta affascinante in ogni stagione dell’anno.

Lac Verney


Lac Verney is a charming little glacial lake located at an altitude of 2085 meters above sea level at the foot of the Little St. Bernard Pass.

The lake, glacial in origin and surrounded by majestic mountains, displays spectacular colors throughout the year but particularly in summer, when the water takes on a deep turquoise hue. Lac Verney offers a setting of rare beauty, with breathtaking views of alpine meadows, pastures and snow-capped peaks.

The lake is easily accessible in summer, both on foot and by bicycle, and is a popular half for hiking and picnicking. There is also a shelter near the lake, the Deffeyes Shelter, which offers meals and lodging.

During winter, the area surrounding the lake is transformed into a winter paradise, where various activities such as cross-country skiing, ski touring and snowshoeing can be enjoyed.

In addition to natural beauty, the region around Lac Verney is also rich in history. Near the lake is the Chanousia Alpine Garden, home to more than a thousand plant species, and the Little St. Bernard archaeological area, with its ancient Druid stones and a church dedicated to St. Bernard.

Mont Blanc


Mont Blanc is the highest mountain in the Alps and Western Europe, reaching an altitude of 4,810 meters above sea level.

Mont Blanc is an iconic landmark for mountain climbers and explorers. Every year, thousands of mountaineers attempt to reach its summit, crossing glaciers and steep ridges. However, good physical fitness, proper equipment and knowledge of mountaineering techniques are required for the climb.

In addition, the Mont Blanc massif offers many opportunities for hiking, downhill skiing, traverse skiing, and rock or ice climbing. The area around the mountain is full of hiking trails that offer breathtaking views of Mt. and its glaciers.

Even for those who are not mountaineers, Mont Blanc offers impressive attractions. Among them is the Mont Blanc Skyway Cable Car, which takes visitors from Courmayeur to Punta Helbronner, 3,466 meters above sea level. Here, you can enjoy a 360-degree panorama of the Alps chain and the plain below.

Mont Blanc represents a true wonder of nature, a place of extraordinary beauty and mountaineering challenges. Its steep peaks, glittering glaciers and lush valleys continue to fascinate and inspire people around the world.

Walks in La Thuile


La Thuile also offers a wide range of walks and treks ideal for nature lovers and hikers.

Here are some of the most fascinating walks in the La Thuile area to experience the Aosta Valley at its best.

Rutor Falls

A walk to discover Rutor Falls is an unforgettable experience. This easy route, suitable for families with children, starts in the hamlet of La Joux and allows you to admire the spectacular waterfalls formed by the melting of the Rutor glacier. The total duration of the hike is about 2 1/2 hours.

Tour of Lake Arpy

Lake d’Arpy is easily reached starting from the town of Morgex. The hike, which is suitable for everyone, also allows you to visit the nearby Red Stone Lake and offers breathtaking views of Mont Blanc. The duration of the hike is about 3 1/2 hours.

Little St. Bernard Trail

This beautiful walk leads from the town of La Thuile to the Little St. Bernard Pass, along a path rich in history, nature and spectacular views. During this hike, you can visit the Chanousia Alpine Garden, the archaeological area with Druidic stones, and the church dedicated to St. Bernard. The duration of the itinerary is about 2-3 hours.

Val Veny and Elisabetta Soldini Refuge

Located in the heart of the Mont Blanc massif, Val Veny is a true natural jewel. This relaxing walk leads to the Elisabetta Soldini refuge, from where you can enjoy a unique panoramic view of the Mont Blanc massif and surrounding glaciers. The duration of the hike is about 3-4 hours, suitable for both beginners and experienced hikers.

Every corner of the Aosta Valley hides enchanting places to discover on foot or by bicycle. Hiking in La Thuile provides breathtaking views, unforgettable emotions, and authentic contact with nature.

Venture into the mountains and discover all that La Thuile and the Aosta Valley have to offer.

Skiing in La Thuile

La Thuile, nestled in the Italian Alps in the Aosta Valley region, is a favorite spot for ski enthusiasts.

This picturesque resort offers access to a vast ski area stretching into France connected to the La Rosière area, perfect for beginners and veteran skiers alike.

Here is a brief guide on how to make the most of your skiing experience in La Thuile.

A Winter Paradise

La Thuile has a range of trails for all abilities and preferences. With 160 kilometers of ski slopes, the resort has to offer gentle slopes for beginners, challenging red runs for the more experienced, and breathtaking off-piste trails for the more enterprising adventurers. In addition, due to its location, La Thuile enjoys excellent snow conditions throughout the ski season.

Places of Refreshment

After a long day of skiing, there is plenty of choice for refreshment. Numerous mountain huts and restaurants along the slopes offer a wide selection of food and drinks. The typical Italian lunch on the mountain includes a ticket of mulled wine or hot chocolate, followed by a satisfying meal of pasta, polenta or a local fondue.

Ski Schools

For those new to skiing or looking to improve their skills, La Thuile offers numerous ski schools. Qualified teachers are ready to assist both novice and advanced skiers, offering group or private lessons

Non-Skiing Activities

If you’re looking for something other than skiing, La Thuile also offers a wide range of non-ski winter activities, such as snowshoeing, snow tubing, and ice courses. And after a busy day outside, you can relax in the village spa or enjoy a delicious dinner at one of the many cozy restaurants.

Alpine charm combined with a variety of slopes, excellent culinary culture, and an authentic atmosphere make La Thuile an ideal destination for a ski vacation.

Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned veteran, we bet that once you try it, you will leave a little piece of your heart in La Thuile.

Where to sleep in La Thuile

La Thuile, offre una vasta gamma di alloggi per tutti i gusti e budget. Tra le opzioni più popolari ci sono hotel, pensioni, appartamenti in affitto e campeggi, molti dei quali offrono splendide viste sulle montagne circostanti.

Anche qui, come in molte località delle Alpi, è decisamente consigliabile prenotare per tempo per avere la migliore scelta possibile.

Qualunque sia il tuo stile di viaggio o budget, La Thuile ha qualcosa da offrire per garantire un soggiorno memorabile.


How to get to La Thuile

La Thuile is located in the Aosta Valley region and can be reached in several ways.

If you are traveling by car, you can get to La Thuile via the A5 highway to Morgex, and then continue on the highway.

For those who prefer public transportation, the nearest train station is in Aosta. From there, connection to La Thuile is provided by a regular bus service.

In addition, it is possible to reach La Thuile by bus with the Courmayeur – La Thuile line.

If you come from Aosta, you need to take the Aosta – Courmayeur line, get off at Pré-Saint-Didier and take the connection to La Thuile.

Weather La Thuile


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